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PG Podcast - Episode 15 - Robert Ikeda on pivoting from grad school to startups

Robert Ikeda (@ridddlr) is the creator of MathPapa, an educational technology startup that focuses on apps to help students learn math. He's been working on MathPapa since graduating with his Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford in 2012. I've known Robert ever since we began our Ph.D. program together back in 2006 (a decade ago!), and we've shared many ups, downs, and riddles throughout our six years in that grind.

In this PG Podcast, we talk about the challenges of the creative process both in research and entrepreneurship, and the prime importance of immersing yourself in an environment with people who can motivate you to become better at what you want to do. We also discuss his career pivots from starting out as an electrical engineering undergrad major at UCSD to becoming a computer science Ph.D. student at Stanford to eventually founding his own company in the area of educational technology.

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Created: 2016-11-03
Last modified: 2016-11-03
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