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PG Podcast - Episode 18 - Michael Kennedy on podcasting as a career

Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy) is an entrepreneur who teaches the public about programming using media such as podcasts, blogs, and professional training courses. We first “met” when he contacted me last year about being on his Talk Python To Me podcast. I had a great time talking on-air about my own Python education projects. That awesome experience planted the initial seed of the idea for me to start this podcast, so thanks Michael!

In this PG Podcast, we talk about Michael's diverse professional background and his journey to now being a full-time podcaster, blogger, and entrepreneurial educator. Michael shares fascinating insights on both the joys and challenges of making a living from creating high-quality free online content such as his podcasts.

Show Notes:

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Created: 2016-12-09
Last modified: 2016-12-09
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