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PG Podcast - Episode 32 - Tergel on building mindful relationships with technology

Tergel is an artist currently working as a UX designer in San Francisco. Her artwork focuses on the preoccupation that modern people have with their smart phones in a light, playful manner. Her most recent ceramic works are humorous vessels that gently remind people to be aware of their phone usage.

I first met Tergel back when I was a professor at the University of Rochester. She was a studio art and computer science major who excelled in many of our courses and also did research in our human-computer interaction lab.

In this PG Podcast, Tergel and I talk about building mindful relationships with technology in our modern-day, always-connected world. She has a unique take on this topic as someone who is deeply in tune with with art, design, and technology. And best of all, she actively explores its implications by producing novel artwork rather than simply being a passive observer.

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Created: 2017-11-14
Last modified: 2017-11-14
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