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PG Podcast - Episode 41 - Steve Krouse on becoming an independent researcher

Steve Krouse (@stevekrouse) is an independent researcher in New York City who is working on building future programming languages and tools. I first talked to Steve when he invited me on his Future of Coding podcast earlier this year. I then wanted to have him come on my podcast, so when I was in New York City this summer we recorded an episode together in person.

In this PG Podcast, Steve and I talk at length about his journey to becoming an independent researcher. We compare and contrast his experiences of independent research with my experiences in a traditional university-based system. We ended up chatting for 1.5 hours about a ton of topics, which makes this the longest PG Podcast episode I've recorded so far!

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Created: 2018-08-07
Last modified: 2018-08-07
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