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PG Podcast: video interviews of interesting people I know

I love listening to interview-style podcasts, so this summer I decided to launch my own podcast series.

The setup is ultra-simple: I set up an unlisted Google+ Hangout on Air where we chat for around 30 minutes, and Google+ automatically records a YouTube video of the session. I send them the video link for approval, and if they approve, then I post it live with some light editing, exposition, and show notes.

I tell my interview subjects to come prepared to talk about:

  • ANYTHING that they're passionate about,
  • that they're uniquely positioned to discuss or teach,
  • and that people they don't know will care about three years from now.

These simple guidelines ensure that we don't just make mundane small-talk or react to ephemeral news events, memes, or fads. (These are the same heuristics that I follow in my own writing.)

I want each podcast episode to feel like a conversation, not a formal presentation. So I tell my subjects not to prepare any notes, and not to even tell me what they plan to discuss before we start. I've found 30 minutes (the length of a work meeting slot) to be the sweet spot for keeping the conversation on topic while ensuring enough time to get into some level of depth.

Check out the links below for all episodes!

Created: 2016-07-20
Last modified: 2016-07-20
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