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My CS Education Zoo interview

Here are a few 3- to 5-minute video clips of me getting interviewed about computer science education and research advising.

On Nov 13, 2014, I did a live G+ Hangouts On Air interview with Steve Wolfman and Will Byrd from The CS Education Zoo.

I had a lot of fun covering topics ranging from computer science education to research to outreach. The full one-hour video is online, but I've pulled out some of my favorite excerpts here. These clips are only 3 to 5 minutes long.

What I love about these clips was that I had to think hard about the questions, so they weren't just L1 cache hits. Everything was extemporaneous.

How to help CS students overcome fear?

Motivational barriers to learning computer science might be on par with technical barriers.

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Project-based versus structured instruction

While effective for some highly-motivated individuals, it's hard to scale up intensive project-based instruction to everyone. Structured instruction has many merits, especially for novices.

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Which teacher did I admire most?

An unexpected question! My middle and high school English teachers, for helping me improve my weakest subject.

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What book should every computer scientist read?

Not any specific technical book. Rather, Unlocking the Clubhouse.

How to teach command-line tools to skeptics?

Need to show how command-line tools can help make someone 10x more productive in their actual work. Canned toy examples aren't helpful and might make students even more skeptical.

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Encouraging more academic blogging

One of my favorite benefits of academia is being able to serve as an independent public voice.

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