Philip Guo (Phil Guo, Philip J. Guo, Philip Jia Guo, pgbovine)

Cold Email Policy

I no longer read most cold emails due to the large amounts of email I receive. There are only three exceptions:

  • I already know you or know someone who knows you.
  • You are from a professional/academic organization that I belong to.
  • You are affiliated with UCSD; I prioritize emails from UCSD, but see next section for details.

If you want me to consider your cold email, please make sure I can read AND respond to it within one minute.

If your email is about Python Tutor, read this first since it probably answers your question.

If you are a UCSD student or affiliate:

  • If you'd like to chat about anything, come to my office hours or talk to me after class; no need to email me! Any UCSD student or affiliate should feel welcome to come to my office hours.
  • Please do not email me about trying to get into a course or registration/scheduling logistics. Talk to Thanh Maxwell or Quynh Dieu (undergrad advisors), or Ethel Lu (grad advisor).
    • If a course is overbooked and you are trying to get in, our policy is that we must prioritize students who fulfill all of the prerequisites and are already on the waitlist. I encourage you to always look into alternate courses to enroll in.
    • You can always come to class to talk to me.
  • If you're in one of my classes, please use the course discussion forum (you can send private messages there) instead of email.
  • Do not email me about course grades unless there is an error. Each course's syllabus will have grading policies listed on it.
  • I'm not currently looking for undergraduate students for my research lab; but I'm happy to chat in office hours if you'd like my advice on job opportunities in general. Also check out HCI/Design Jobs for New College Grads
  • Scroll to bottom of office hours for more UCSD student FAQs!