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Basic tutorial on Flask, a Python-based Web application framework

Here are three short videos to introduce beginners to the basics of Flask, a Web application framework for Python.

After giving a mini-rant against teaching Web application frameworks in my Web Programming course (see the last section of My Basic Technology Stack for Teaching Web Programming), I spent half an hour of today's lecture covering Flask, a lightweight, easy-to-teach Python-based framework.

I recorded this video live during my lecture, chopped it up into three smaller pieces, and lightly edited it. The delivery is a bit rough at parts, but overall I liked being recorded in front of a classroom audience rather than alone in a studio.

(full YouTube playlist)

Part 1: “Hello World” in Flask

Setting up a simple Flask app that returns plain text to the user's browser:

Part 2: URL routing and HTML page generation

URL routing based on string pattern matching, and rendering an HTML webpage using a template:

Part 3: Ajax with jQuery

Using JavaScript with jQuery to make Ajax calls to a Flask app:

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Created: 2014-11-25
Last modified: 2014-11-25
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