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Walkthroughs of my HCI research papers 2020-04-26

PG Vlog #400 - modern phone UI/UX is so complicated! (iPhone 11 Pro first impressions) 2019-11-23

PG Vlog #396 - live-reading 4 research conference proceedings (UIST, VL/HCC, L@S, ICER) 2019-11-17

Computer Literacy Starts with Developing a Mental Model of Filesystems 2019-11-11

End-User Programmers Repurposing End-User Programming Tools to Foster Diversity in Adult End-User Programming Education

Communicating, Fast and Slow 2019-07-07

Improv: Teaching Programming at Scale via Live Coding

PG Vlog #318 - teaching HCI and UX design without using code 2019-06-17

PG Podcast - Episode 50 - Jeff Lindsay on the computer as a tractor for the mind 2019-05-11

PG Podcast - Episode 49 - Srini Kadamati on data science accessibility 2019-05-09

Practitioners Teaching Data Science in Industry and Academia: Expectations, Workflows, and Challenges

PG Vlog #240 - prototyping with code 4 (teaching software prototyping) 2018-11-25

PG Vlog #239 - prototyping with code 3 (so satisfying) 2018-11-25

PG Vlog #238 - prototyping with code 2 (working with existing code) 2018-11-23

PG Vlog #237 - prototyping with code (not with mockups) 2018-11-22

PG Vlog #235 - striving beyond productivity 2018-11-20

PG Vlog #221 - low-fidelity prototyping 2018-10-20

Fusion: Opportunistic Web Prototyping with UI Mashups

Porta: Profiling Software Tutorials Using Operating-System-Wide Activity Tracing

PG Vlog #181 - New York City (Part 2) - midtown offices 2018-08-07

Learning Programming at Scale 2018-05-28

Codemotion: Expanding the Design Space of Learner Interactions with Computer Programming Tutorial Videos

Students, Systems, and Interactions: Synthesizing the First Four Years of Learning@Scale and Charting the Future

PG Vlog #136 - Aggressive User Interfaces 2018-04-12

RStudio First Impressions: Graphapalooza 2018-04-08

PG's Super Paranoid Guide to Running User Studies (and Giving Live Demos) 2018-03-24

Introduction to HCI/Design 2017-12-05

PG Vlog #91 - Behind the scenes of my hackathon research paper 2017-12-03

HCI/UX/Design Jobs for New College Grads 2017-11-27

PG Podcast - Episode 32 - Tergel on building mindful relationships with technology 2017-11-14

PG Vlog #81 - Books and Screens 2017-11-05

PG Vlog #79 - Market Demand for Design+Engineering Skills 2017-11-03

PG Vlog #77 - Forcing Design Simplicity 2017-10-25

PG Vlog #76 - Designing the Python Tutor kick-out feature 2017-10-25

CodePilot: Scaffolding End-to-End Collaborative Software Development for Novice Programmers

Omnicode: A Novice-Oriented Live Programming Environment with Always-On Run-Time Value Visualizations

Torta: Generating Mixed-Media GUI and Command-Line App Tutorials Using Operating-System-Wide Activity Tracing

DS.js: Turn Any Webpage into an Example-Centric Live Programming Environment for Learning Data Science

PG Podcast - Episode 30 - Frank Wang on the vital role of people in technology 2017-08-14

PG Vlog #40 - The Purpose of Technology-Related Research 2017-08-13

PG Vlog #39 - Learning Programming at Scale 2017-08-12

Learning Programming at Scale (CACM) 2017-08-08

Ask Me Anything (AMA) on YouTube Live 2017-07-30

Making Programming Accessible for All (MIT alumni profile) 2017-07-08

PG Podcast - Episode 28 - Aayesha Siddiqui on Star Trek! 2017-06-25

Human-Centered Programming Tools: Spring 2017 Class Readings 2017-06-12

PG Vlog #19 - My First Ten Years of Research Papers 2017-05-29

PG Podcast - Episode 12 - Adam Marcus on human-assisted A.I. 2016-08-22

PG Podcast - Episode 5 - Amanda Comi on visual storytelling in comic books 2016-07-25

Python Tutor: The First Three Years 2016-06-02

How to write a good HCI research paper (tips from senior colleagues) 2016-03-06

What is HCI research? And what is its relationship to computer science? 2016-02-29

Interactive Systems for Learning Programming at Scale 2016-02-19

Toward a Domain-Specific Visual Discussion Forum for Learning Computer Programming: An Empirical Study of a Popular MOOC Forum

Learning programming at scale 2015-08-13

Codechella, Codeopticon, and Codepourri: The Trilogy

Python Tutor Live 2014-06-16

First impressions of the IPython Notebook 2013-07-25

Two Examples of HCI Research 2013-04-10

Programming On Demand: Wrangling, Iterating, and Opportunistic Learning 2013-02-20

Burrito: Wrapping Your Lab Notebook in Computational Infrastructure

Desktop Photo Montage 2011-10-18

Enforcing diversity in online media consumption 2011-09-25

Same interface, works better 2008-11-28

Cars and Computers 2007-04-07

Random Browser: An innovative hierarchical photo browsing application 2007-03-03