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If you're interested in Ph.D.-related topics, start here.

For undergrads

Considering pursuing a Ph.D.? Watch this 12-minute video:

Want to apply for Ph.D. programs? Read Advice for Ph.D. Program Applications

People usually apply for fellowships at the same time as grad school applications. Read Advice for Science Fellowship Applications: NSF, NDSEG, Hertz

What's the point of doing all of this grunt work as an undergrad research assistant? Will life ever get better? Read Lessons from the Grind (MIT Technology Review)

For early-stage Ph.D. students

Start by reading Advice for early-stage Ph.D. students

What does it take to earn your Ph.D.? Read Overview of U.S. Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program Requirements

What if you encounter depression early on? Read Early-Stage Grad Student Depression

How can you start generating original research ideas? Read Getting Past Superficial

How can you get your advisor to support your fledgling ideas? Read The Ph.D. Grind: Lead From Below

Want to hear about my Ph.D. experience? Read The Ph.D. Grind

Too long? Read The Ph.D. Grind: tl;dr Edition and The Ph.D. Grind - Answers to Reader Questions

Finally, practice giving talks sooner rather than later. Read Oral Presentation Tips

For mid-stage Ph.D. students

What's it like to be in a mid-Ph.D. slump? Read Reflections and advice on life as a mid-stage Ph.D. student

How can you get over your own mid-Ph.D. slump? Read Human Performance Bounds

What are the benefits of doing side projects? Read The Ph.D. Grind: Main Grinds and Side Grinds

How can you become more productive in general? Read How To Be Effective

"But it takes so much work to stand out!" Maybe not. Read A Bit Better

Finally, here's a one-hour informal Q&A session about Ph.D. life that I hosted for 150 Google interns in July 2012:

For late-stage Ph.D. students

Want to apply for tenure-track faculty jobs? Read Reflections on my tenure-track assistant professor job search

Too long? Read General advice for faculty job interviews

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Created: 2013-08-27
Last modified: 2013-08-27
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