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PG Podcast - Episode 11 - Brad Miller on building long-lasting software in academia 2016-08-12

PG Podcast - Episode 7 - Neha Narula on bitcoin and the future of digital currency 2016-07-29

PG Podcast - Episode 3 - Audrey Boguchwal on a historian's view of code culture 2016-07-22

Python Tutor: The First Three Years 2016-06-02

Python Compiler Workbench: Using a live coding environment to quickly develop intuitions 2016-01-03

Automatically create Docker images by running the program you want to package 2015-11-23

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Basic Git and GitHub tutorial 2014-11-20

Basic Unix-like command line tutorial 2014-10-25

Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery 2014-10-08

Python Tutor Live 2014-06-16

The Two Cultures of Computing 2013-12-24

Hacking the Ph.D.: Three Serendipitous Projects 2013-11-11

Dropbox: Sweating the details 2013-08-03

Mac OS X 10.8 Lightweight Developer Setup 2013-06-25

Research Directory Structure 2013-06-24

Lightweight Static Website Generator 2013-06-15

Coping With Linux Distro Fragmentation (Visualized in One Giant Diagram) 2013-05-30

My Computer Setup 2011-12-10

Desktop Photo Montage 2011-10-18

Tips for giving a live software demo 2011-06-30

Google Tech Talk - CDE: Using System Call Interposition to Automatically Create Portable Software Packages 2011-02-11

JSON Photo Gallery 2010-06-30

MathViz: Math expression code visualizer 2009-09-20

Lightweight File Versioning and Synchronization with Git and Unison 2007-09-14

Random Browser: An innovative hierarchical photo browsing application 2007-03-03

Gallery Lite: Yet Another Lightweight Web Photo Gallery Generator 2007-01-07

Email analysis scripts for mbox mailbox files 2006-09-16

Setting up Unison for your mom 2006-08-29

CVS Lite: A Lightweight Alternative to CVS 2006-01-10

Unison File Synchronizer: Liberation through Data Replication 2005-08-03

XML Photo Gallery 2005-08-03

Image Harvester 2005-04-29

Animated GIF Maker 2005-04-01

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