Philip Guo (Phil Guo, Philip J. Guo, Philip Jia Guo, pgbovine)

Summer Photo Galleries

I took these photos during my summer vacations. These galleries contain some of my all-time favorite photos.

Summer 1998: Hawaii and China
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My mother and I took a one-week trip to Hawaii followed by a two-week trip to China. I had just finished a year of photography class in high school so I was eager to apply my knowledge.  I enjoyed this trip because it was my first real opportunity to practice and develop my photographic abilities.

Summer 1999: The Pacific Northwest
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I took a one-week trip to the Pacific Northwest with my parents. We were first in the Seattle area, then we saw the landscape of Washington State, and then we drove up to Canada. It was a short trip, but I got a few neat pictures.

Summer 2000: The People of Central China
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This has been my most meaningful trip thus far, both for myself and for my photography. As usual, I traveled to China with my parents, but this time, we went to a very poor region in the center of the country, far far away from modern civilization. It was my first glimpse of real third-world life (and my ancestral homeland) and I took the opportunity to snap pictures of the indigenous people ... at work, at play, etc... At the time, it was humid, hot, filthy, and uncomfortable, but thinking back, I'll always remember that trip as an unbelievable experience.

Summer 2004: Alaska Vacation and Cruise
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I took a 10-day vacation to Alaska with my family and family friends. We rented a van and drove around the state for 3 days, then boarded a 7-day cruise down the coastline to Vancouver. It was my first cruise experience, and it was weird how the sun never set in the summertime.

Summer 2005: A Tour of Southwest China
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I took a tour of Southwest China with my family this summer. We flew from Los Angeles to Guangzhou, the largest city in Southern China, to meet our tour group. After wandering around the city for an afternoon, we embarked on an 8-day tour to four cities in the southwestern part of the country: Guilin, Kunming, Dali, and Lijiang. Since I already had lots of generic landscape and architecture shots of China from my previous few trips, I wanted to focus my attention more on unique and quirky subjects which I found amusing. I took all of these pictures with my recently-purchased Canon PowerShot S70 7.1 megapixel digital camera.

Summer 2005: Misc. China Pictures
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Here are some pictures from my Summer 2005 China trip that were not taken during our 8-day tour. I wanted to present all of my tour pictures in one cohesive unit, so I dedicated a smaller gallery to these misc. non-tour pictures.

Summer 2006: Boston Cow Parade
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Two months after leaving MIT for good (after graduating with my Masters degree), I went back to Boston to visit prior to attending an academic conference. To my pleasant surprise, there were cows all over the city! Decorated cow statues, to be exact. They were up for the summer as part of some charity fund raising event. I couldn't resist grazing around the city streets myself to photograph as many of them as I could.

Summer 2007: Cows in Petaluma, CA
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One weekend during the summer, I took a day trip up to the Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Company, a small cattle farm in Petaluma, CA, about an hour north of San Francisco, not really knowing what to expect. I was blown away by how beautiful and well-treated the cows were at that farm. Our host, a farmhand who has worked with these cows for years, graciously gave us a tour and let us take photos of these magnificent creatures. I carried my 2-year-old Canon PowerShot S70 point-and-shoot digital camera and managed to snap a few cool shots.

Summer 2008: San Diego Animal Parks
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As part of my summer vacation, I visited three animal-themed attractions in San Diego, California: Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. I shot all of these photos with my 3-year-old Canon PowerShot S70 point-and-shoot digital camera. I was quite amused to see a bunch of middle-aged men awkwardly carrying around their new big digital SLRs that they didn't really know how to use and missing shots that I was able to get with my dinky little camera :) By far my favorite destination was the San Diego Zoo—it's extremely well laid out and provides such a pleasant and invigorating visitor experience. Words simply don't do it justice; you need to visit to see for yourself!

Summer 2008: Weekend in New York City
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I spent 3 days walking around Manhattan in August 2008 and took hundreds of photos. These are the first photos I've uploaded to my website that I took with my recently-purchased Canon SD870IS compact digital camera. I really liked how this camera was so small and quick, which allowed me to grab lots of candid shots!