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What is a programming language? (45-minute lecture)

In this lecture, I give my personal definition of what a programming language consists of: specification, implementations, standard library, third-party libraries, run-time environment, and community.

To watch a shorter variant of this talk, see What is a programming language? A six-layer model.

(full YouTube playlist)

What is a programming language?

I give my take on this question in a 45-minute guest lecture at an undergrad CS seminar at the University of Rochester. To me, a programming language consists of six parts:

  1. Specification
  2. Implementations
  3. Standard library
  4. Third-party libraries
  5. Run-time environment
  6. Community

Check out my talk below ...

Part 1. Specification

Part 2a. Implementations – Interpreter

Part 2b. Implementations – Compiler

Part 3. Standard library

Part 4. Third-party libraries

Part 5. Run-time environment

Part 6. Community

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Created: 2015-10-28
Last modified: 2015-10-28
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